A typical Wednesday at HoneyBook with atypical color coordination

Twenty years ago at a warmly-lit hotel bar near Jonesborough, Tennessee my mom found, bought, and drank an ounce of Pappy van Winkle bourbon. She has not stopped talking about it since.

She used to tell me stories about the layers of a good bourbon. She used to say a good bourbon “tasted like a memory”. But for most of my life, frankly, it tasted like nail polish. I couldn’t make sense of her descriptions. The beauty eluded me for years.

As I got older, I was able to negotiate a truce. I didn’t love whiskey but we got along…

San Francisco Design Week is June 14–22 this year. HoneyBook will be hosting a panel discussion titled “Data Driven Design is Dead”. As a warm up, we’re providing a brief reading with various views on how data and design ought to interact.

If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven

Bill Pardi

If you are a designer, engineer, or in any role that creates things, you probably hear a lot about “big data” and being “data driven.” The assumption is that data equals insight and direction. But does it? Data, any data, in any amount brings with it problems that make it very dangerous to rely on alone.

Drop and give me 100

I keep coming across dozens of template Webpack configs with all kinds of flim flam. For the benefit of others (but also my future self), here’s my no-monkey-business, dead simple Webpack + React setup I’ve used to get started on a number of projects.

First, we’ll start with the package.json dependencies (versions removed):

"dependencies": {
"devDependencies": {

Let’s break it down:

The path module is the core Node path module which makes working with path names easy and consistent.

react react-dom and webpack are the stars of the…

Ian Wessen

Writer, but only web browsers read my work.

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